Feeling the need to talk

Mostly this blog is about crime fiction, as it's my favourite genre. But today I want to talk about something else - something I don't talk too much about. Myself. I have ongoing health problems. This is why I started this blog - to give myself something to focus on. I have a condition called… Continue reading Feeling the need to talk

Tea and a Tipple with Arnaldur Indridason

I felt extremely lucky to be at this event as Arnaldur doesn't do many events. He was in England for a brief tour to promote his new book, "The Shadow District", which came out on May 18th. In giving us an introduction to himself, he explained that he took a degree in history as he… Continue reading Tea and a Tipple with Arnaldur Indridason

Weekend Reads (12-15 May 2017)

This weekend, I read a total of 2 books. My first read was for my book group, and was not a book I would normally pick up. It wasn't to my taste at all. My verdict: 1* Love is never easy—especially when your girlfriend is an illegal Thai prostitute who has been kidnapped (again) by… Continue reading Weekend Reads (12-15 May 2017)

Sewing the Shadows Together, by Alison Baillie

About the book: More than thirty years after thirteen-year-old Shona McIver was murdered in a Scottish seaside town, her brother Tom and her best friend Sarah meet again at a school reunion. The tragedy has cast a shadow over their lives, but when DNA evidence shows that the wrong man was convicted of the murder,… Continue reading Sewing the Shadows Together, by Alison Baillie

Pan Macmillan’s Big North Book Run – David Baldacci’s visit to Newcastle

I was really excited to hear that David Baldacci was visiting Newcastle on a book tour to promote his latest Amos Decker thriller, “The Fix”, number three in the series. As I’ve never read one of his novels, I was even more excited that the library gave away the first Amos Decker, “Memory Man”. I… Continue reading Pan Macmillan’s Big North Book Run – David Baldacci’s visit to Newcastle

Newcastle Noir – Part 2

I’d been really looking forward to the first panel on Day 2, but being on public transport meant I couldn’t make it. It was a shame, as from what I heard it was really good. The panel was on Children’s Crime Fiction. The authors were Katherine Woodfine, Lyn Gardner and Laura Wood. We have been… Continue reading Newcastle Noir – Part 2

Newcastle Noir 2017 – Part 1

This year, Newcastle Noir was launched by Denise Mina, in conversation with Festival Director Jacky Collins. Denise was discussing her latest book, “The Long Drop”, which is a standalone psychological thriller based on Scotland’s first convicted killer. She gave a wide-ranging interview discussing winning her awards and how different it is to try and write… Continue reading Newcastle Noir 2017 – Part 1

New Year’s Resolutions Tag

I watched a video the other day (linked below) which prompted me to write about my book resolutions. I wonder how many I will stick to! Question 1: Name an author that you haven't previously read that you would like to read this year I'd like to read something by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling).… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions Tag