Newcastle Noir – Part 2

I’d been really looking forward to the first panel on Day 2, but being on public transport meant I couldn’t make it. It was a shame, as from what I heard it was really good. The panel was on Children’s Crime Fiction. The authors were Katherine Woodfine, Lyn Gardner and Laura Wood. We have been promised that they will return on a future panel!

My day started with a panel on Crime Fact and Fiction. The panel consisted of Mari Hannah, Mo and A.D. Garrett.

Mari Hannah is best known for her DCI Kate Daniels series, but has a standalone thriller and has recently started a new series featuring DS Matthew Ryan. This year she is also the reader-in-residence for the Theakston’s Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival.

Mo is a retired Detective Inspector who ended a thirty-year career in the Major Incident Team.

A.D. Garrett is the duo of Margaret Murphy, a prize-winning novelist in her own right, and Helen Pepper, a policing and forensics expert, who currently is the Forensic Consultant to both “Vera” and “Shetland” TV series.

This was a fascinating look into the differences between the fact and the fiction of crime, and how both Mo and Helen can only advise, but is up to the creatives to capture the essence of the realities, without becoming bogged down with for example the paperwork that is the reality.

After a break for lunch, it was time for some Domestic Noir. This was one of the panels I was most looking forward to – two of the three authors are on my “To Be Read” shelf – and luckily, they didn’t disappoint!

Our panel consisted of C.L. Taylor, Michael J. Malone and Louise Beech.

L. Taylor is a bestselling author of four psychological thrillers. Her most recent is “The Escape”, and she is writing a young adult thriller which is published in September.

Michael J. Malone is a reviewer for the Crime Squad website and has several books featuring DI Ray McBain. Michael was talking about his book “A Suitable Lie”.

Louise Beech’s books look into what happens after the crime. Her second novel is “The Mountain in My Shoe”.

I was on the edge of my seat while the three read excerpts from their books!

The next panel was another favourite – New Blood – and the panel members were Shelley Day, Tana Collins and Michael Wood.

Shelley Day is a local author who writes mainly fiction and short stories. Her debut novel is “The Confession of Stella Moon”.

Tana Collins sets her books in Fife and her protagonist is Inspector Carruthers. Her debut novel is “Robbing the Dead”.

Michael Wood is a reviewer for the Crime Squad website, and has written three novels featuring DCI Matilda Darke.

I needed to take a bit of a break as the room was quite hot, so I missed the next panel, which was on Tartan Noir. The panel was Russel D. McLean, Douglass Skelton and Neil Broadfoot.

The penultimate panel was another Nordic panel, with Erik Axl Sund, Johanna Gustawsson and Camilla Grebe.

Erik Axl Sund is the pen name of the duo Jerker Eriksson and Hakan Axlander Sundquist. Their debut trilogy, “The Crow Girl”, is available as one novel now.

Johana Gustawsson has her first solo novel, “Block 46” coming out this month and is currently on a blog tour. Her protagonists are criminal profiler Emily Roy and French true-crime writer Alexis Castells.

Camilla Grebe has co-authored several novels and last year published her first solo novel, “The Ice Beneath Her”.

The final panel of the weekend was Action Thriller. Our panellists were Luca Veste, Steph Broadribb and Paul Hardsitry.

Luca Vesta’s novels are set in Liverpool and follow DI David Murphy and DS Laura Rossi. His latest novel is “Then She Was Gone”.

Steph Broadribb’s debut thriller, “Deep Down Dead”, came out earlier this year and introduces Lori Anderson. Steph also reviews crime novels on her Crime Thriller Girl blog.

Paul Hardistry has written three thrillers featuring his protagonist, Claymore Straker.

The room was still buzzing after the panel, and there was talk of a quiz in the authors hotel, but by this time I was exhausted, and headed home with five new books and already planning my next trip!

Newcastle Noir 2018 will take place on 5th and 6th May 2018, with the Festival launch on 4th May. Fringe events will take place during the week leading up to the Festival.


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