Sewing the Shadows Together, by Alison Baillie

IMG_0477About the book:

More than thirty years after thirteen-year-old Shona McIver was murdered in a Scottish seaside town, her brother Tom and her best friend Sarah meet again at a school reunion. The tragedy has cast a shadow over their lives, but when DNA evidence shows that the wrong man was convicted of the murder, their relationships and emotions are thrown into turmoil.

In the search for the real killer, suspicion falls on those closest to them: Tom uncovers dark secrets, Sarah’s perfect family life begins to crumble, and they are caught up in a web of death, love and deception before the truth finally comes to light.


My thoughts:

This is the first time I’ve read a “cold case” novel, and it was completely outside of my normal comfort zone. The novel is told from the family’s point of view, rather than the detectives who reopen the case.

I enjoyed the writing style, it was very descriptive, and having been to Edinburgh and Portobello I could really picture the types of buildings described. I liked that the book was broken into parts, separating each day, as well as chapters. Towards the end the story became more of a page turner than the beginning half of the book.

What I was less keen on was the delving into the relationships – for me personally it just was not to my taste, but an interesting change from my usual. I could also have done without the romance, although I appreciated why it was in there.

Overall, I did enjoy the book, and would still be willing to try another book by Alison Baillie. I would rate it 3*/5*

About the author:

Alison Baillie was brought up in Ilkley, Yorkshire by Scottish parents. She studied English at the University of St Andrews, before teaching English in Edinburgh secondary schools and EFL in Finland and Switzerland. Now she spends her time reading, writing, travelling and attending crime writing festivals. She lives in Switzerland and is currently writing her second novel.


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