Noir at the Bar North East #Readings #Debuts


Last night, I went to Noir at the Bar (North East) MC’d by the lovely Vic Watson, ably assisted by the fabulous Jacky Collins. As is the norm, we heard from 11 pre-arranged authors, and a Wildcard.

Vic opened the night by asking us all to raise a glass to the recently departed Helen Cadbury, a Northern writer well known to many of the authors. Then we got down to the real reason we were all there – the readings!

The authors of our readings were: Gordon BrownNeil BroadfootZoe SharpChris OrdK A RichardsonGraham SmithTrevor WoodLucy CameronJennifer C. Wilson, Hester Dowling and Carol Walker.

My 3 favourite readings came from:

Gordon Brown, his first novel is out now, and it’s called “Darkest Thoughts”. His second, “Furthest Reaches”, is out in September, and I’m looking forward to reviewing it. He gave us a teaser from the third in the series, “Deepest Wounds”, which isn’t out until February!

Zoe Sharp, who read from her 10th novel, “Fox Hunter”, which is out in August.

K. A. Richardson, her latest novel came out in May.

There were three names in the hat for the Wildcard, and fittingly, the name out of the hat was Helen Cadbury (it wasn’t fixed!). We were treated to the first chapter of “To Catch a Rabbit” which was read by Jacky Collins.

I had a really lovely time, and it was great to put some names to faces over the course of the evening!

I am hoping to be at the next one, which is around September/October.


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