Blog Tour: Urbane’s 12 Days of Christmas @urbanebooks #GIVEAWAY CLOSED #Q&A

Today I’m thrilled to be kicking off Urbane Publishing’s 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour. I’ve got a Q&A with Robert Dawes, and a giveaway for the first 2 books in his series!


About “The Rock”, book 1 in the Sullivan and Broderick series:

The Rock. Gibraltar. 1966. In a fading colonial house the dead body of a beautiful woman lays dripping in blood. The Rock. Present day. Detective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan arrives on The Rock on a three-month secondment from the London Metropolitan Police Service. Her reasons for being here are not happy ones, and she braces herself for a tedious 12 weeks in the sun. After all, murders are rare on the small, prosperous and sun-kissed Rock of Gibraltar and catching murderers is what Sullivan does best. It is a talent Sullivan shares with her new boss, Chief Inspector Gus Broderick of the Royal Gibraltar Police Force. He’s an old-fashioned cop who regards his new colleague with mild disdain. But when a young police constable is found hanging from the ceiling of his apartment, Sullivan and Broderick begin to unravel a dark and dangerous secret that will test their skills and working relationship to the limit.


About “The Poisoned Rock”, book 2 in the Sullivan and Broderick series:

In London, the British Government has declassified a large number of top secret files regarding British Military Intelligence operations during World War II. One file, concerning espionage operations on Gibraltar, has been smuggled out of the U.K. to Spain. It contains information that will draw Sullivan and Broderick into the dark and treacherous world of wartime Gibraltar—a place where saboteurs and espionage plots abounded, and where double and triple agents from Britain, Germany and Spain were at war in a treacherous and deadly game of undercover operations. It is only a matter of time before past and present collide and a dangerous battle begins to conceal the truth about the Rock’s poisonous wartime history. Detectives Sullivan and Broderick become caught in a tangled web of intrigue and murder that will once again test their skills and working relationship to the very limit.


Questions and Answers:

  • For the readers, can you talk us through your background and the synopsis of your new novel, The Killing Rock, due out in June?

This is the third Sullivan and Broderick murder investigation novel to date. The idea for the the books came from my many visits to Gibraltar and the fact that the Royal Gibraltar Police Force are the second oldest service in the world and closely akin in practise to their British counterparts.

The Killing Rock begins with….

‘The mummified remains of a woman’s body have been discovered at a demolition site on the Eastern side of the Rock of Gibraltar.

A family are massacred in the grounds of a millionaire’s mansion near Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol.

The Royal Gibraltar Police Force and their Spanish counterparts in Marbella, begin their separate investigations.

Detective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan and Chief Inspector Gus Broderick soon find themselves at the centre of a gruesome, dangerous and elusive murder investigation. Their nightmarish quest to stop more killings, leads them to the ghosts of murders past and a very real threat to their own lives in the present.

Beneath the heat of the Mediterranean sun, Sullivan and Broderick are on the murder trail once again.’

  • Can you talk us through the journey from idea to writing to publication?

I am fortunate enough to have a small book full of ideas for the novels. The basic ideas for Killing Rock began development during a research visit to the Rock in 2015. The actual writing of the novel is carried out whenever I can get a free period of time. I am fortunate enough to work very regularly as an actor and so those schedules tend to dictate the speed with which I can complete a new book. Another vital part of the process is the work of my editor. I made the mistake of not using one straight away on my first novella and the headaches that caused rumbled on for years.  The next stage is handing a first draft to my publisher at Urbane and then adjusting the text according to notes from him. Once the novel is signed off, it then begins the long and tortuous path of bringing it to the attention of readers. Fortunately, there are many exciting roads a publisher can take on this journey – this Q&A being a very jolly part of that process!

  • What are your favourite authors and recommended reads?

Where to start on my favourite authors? Classic modern crime novelists must include Val McDermid, Peter James, Rachel Abbott, Elly Griffiths, Felix Francis and Jo Nesbo. John Le Carre, Robert Harris and John Grisham are a must for this reader. My all-time favourite writers, however, are PG Wodehouse, Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens and John Fowles.

  • What were your childhood/teenage favourite reads?

My favourite writers as a child included John Buchan, Arthur Conan-Doyle and the writer who first introduced me to mysteries, Enid Blyton.

  • What has been your favourite moment of being a published author?

My favourite moment of being a published writer has been seeing the dedications to loved ones at the front of the books.

  • Who has been your source of support/encouragement, throughout the writing process?

My entire family. In particular, my wife Amy.  She makes the whole writing process possible thanks to her care and organisation. Friends, particularly other writers such as Peter James, have been a constant source of advice, encouragement and mentorship. Lastly, my publisher, Matthew Smith. Urbane is a young and ambitious publishing house, now specialising in crime. It’s been fun being onboard for the ride. Watching it grow and make its mark in a crowded industry is very exciting.

Robert Daws.jpg

About the author:

Robert Daws is a British theatre and television actor best known for his roles in long running tv series such as the award winning Outside Edge, Jeeves and Wooster, Roger,Roger, The Royal, Rock and Chips, Casualty, Midsomer Murders, Sword of Honour, Take A Girl Like You and most recently, as Dr Thomas Choake in Poldark. His most recent theatre work includes Michael Frayn’s Alarms and Excursions, The Secret of Sherlock Holmes and Yes Prime Minister in London’s West End. The Broderick and Sullivan series of crime novels are all set in Gibraltar and book 3, The Killing Rock, publishes June 2018.


So, if you’re as excited as me about these two books that are already out, you’ll be delighted to hear that thanks to Urbane Publishing, I have paperback copies of both Books 1 and 2 up for grabs for 3 lucky winners!

If you would like to be one of my winners, I’d like to know what book you’ve read this year that you would recommend. It doesn’t have to have been published this year!

Rules: Enter the giveaway by commenting with your answer below. UK entrants only. Giveaway will close at 8pm on Friday 22nd December 2017 (the last day of Urbane’s 12 days of Christmas). Winner picked by random number generator. If you are a winner, you will need to use the contact form to give me your address, so I can pass it on to Urbane Publishing. Books will be sent direct to you by Urbane Publishing at the beginning of 2018.

18 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Urbane’s 12 Days of Christmas @urbanebooks #GIVEAWAY CLOSED #Q&A

  1. That is such an unfair question 🙂 there have been so many great reads. But I have just finished Outremer by D.N.Carter, an epic historical fiction. This is foremost in my mind at the moment. Great post, and an interesting read xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll recommend A Necessary Evil by Abit Mukherjee – historical crime fiction set in India under the last days of the British Empire. I had no idea Robert Daws wrote books – how exciting! Great giveaway – thanks for the opporunity to enter. 😀


  3. Ken Follett’s “World Without End”. It’s enormous and couldn’t be read on my daily commute so it was perfect when I was out of action with a foot injury and couldn’t leave the house. It’s a sequel so you need to start with “Pillars of the Earth” but it does also stand alone.


  4. I have embarked on reading quite a few Lee Child books with the anti-hero Jack Reacher, they just thumping fast paced thrills and spills with credible plots and characters. I am reading Hard to Kill at the moment.


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