Bookish Challenges and Goals for 2018 #Goodreads #MountTBR #IdRatherBeReading #OldSchoolKidlit2018

I’ve decided to take part in some bookish challenges, and I also have my own goals for this year.


Challenge 1: 2018 Goodreads goal

I’m leaving my goal at 70 books this year. I might have read over 70 last year, but I felt rushed with some of them! And due to the nature of some of my challenges, I may read less this year.

Challenge 2: Mount TBR (hosted by “My Readers Block”)

This challenge is aimed at getting your “To Be Read” pile down to something more manageable. I literally have hundreds of books in this house that I’ve never read, so I’m initially setting a goal of reading 24 books, the “Mount Blanc” challenge. That’s slightly more than one third of my Goodreads goal, and some will cover my third challenge. More information here.


Challenge 3: The 2018 Reading Challenge (hosted by “Modern Mrs Darcy”)

This challenge has a list of 12 goals on it – and includes some things that are out of my normal comfort zone. Some will be read as part of Mount TBR. More information here.

Challenge 4: Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge (hosted by “Read-at-Home Mom”)

This ties in with a personal challenge – I want to read 6 Classic Children’s Fiction books. More information here.

Personal Challenges:

As previously mentioned, I want to read 6 Classic Children’s Fiction books.

One of my challenges last year was to read more non-fiction, and I’d like to carry that goal forward.

I intend to carry on with my real life book group, the European Crime Fiction gang, so I will still be reading those.

I would like to get to two book festivals this year – one of which will definitely be Newcastle Noir – at the moment I’m also considering Morecambe and Vice.

I will still be doing blog tours and things in the coming year, but the biggest challenge of all will be saying no! I find it really hard, but I got overwhelmed last year. I honestly didn’t expect my little blog to take off in the way it has! I got to the point where I was reading by deadlines rather than for pleasure.


Anybody else taking part in any reading challenges? Or fancy helping me with one of the harder challenges? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Bookish Challenges and Goals for 2018 #Goodreads #MountTBR #IdRatherBeReading #OldSchoolKidlit2018

  1. I took part in several challenges last year – but was not able to complete them all. For that reason I’ve only got one this year, the Goodreads reading challenge, in which I’ve promised to read 100 titles. Of course, there is always the challenges that you impose upon yourself – and I have many of those. I’m just not publicising them as much as last year.
    Good luck with all of yours. Happy New Year!
    Thanks for being such an active and supportive book blogger.


  2. Looks like you have some fun challenges lined up for 2018! I still need to wrap up 2017 and sign up for my 2018 challenges, but mine always include a TBR challenge – like you, I have hundreds of TBR books here! I also like the sound of the classic chgildren’s books challenge – I hadn’t heard of that one before. I read Anne of Green Gables for the first time a few years ago (as part of my own Big Book Summer Challenge) and really loved it!

    Have fun & enjoy your books this year!


    Book By Book


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