The Bookish Naughty List Tag

Yes – it’s Monday, which normally means a “What I’ve been Reading” post, but my reading was so bad last week I’m going to do this instead!

The tag was originally created by A Page of Jenniely and I was tagged by Jessica at Minimac Reviews


1. Received an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) and not read it:

Oops. Too many to count. I’m not very good at saying no! Having said that, I’m going to try and clear the backlog while I’m taking time out.

2. Have less than 60% feedback rating on NetGalley (a reviewer site where a lot of ARCs come from):

My current feedback rating on NetGalley is 40%. But I’ve banned myself from the site until I catch up a bit more! I do intend on reading them all, but I got overwhelmed quite quickly.

3. Rated a book on Goodreads and promised a full review was to come on your blog (and never did):

I’ve not done that yet!

4. Folded down the page of a book:

Never – I’ve used paper as a temporary bookmark, but I don’t d folding!

5. Accidentally spilled on a book:

Not that I can remember. Maybe in my younger days!

6. DNF (Did Not Finish) a book this year:

Yes – I’m up to 4 so far. Normally not this bad, but I am going through a difficult time at the minute.

7. Bought a book purely because it was pretty with no intention of reading it:

Nope. Books are for reading!

8. Read whilst you were meant to be doing something else:

YES! Do the dishes, or read a book?! The book desperately needs to be read!

9. Skim read a book:

Quite often that’s the point to DNF for me – if I’m only skimming it, it’s not for me!

10. Completely missed your Goodreads goal:

No – part of my condition is stressing over targets – so I deliberately set it to an achievable goal!

11. Borrowed a book and not returned it:

No – although library books it’s not unusual for them to be checked out for several months!

12. Broke a book buying ban:

Yes – last year I tried not to buy any new books. But then I got a new bookcase – and it needed filling….

13. Started a review, left it for ages then forgot what the book was about:

No, I write all my reviews when I finish the book. I can’t pick up another until I’ve got my review written for fear of forgetting.

14. Wrote in a book you were reading:

Technically yes. Worksheets in self help books. In pencil, so I can rub it out and reuse the sheets.

15. Finished a book and not added it to your Goodreads:

Never – I’m not even comfortable reading a book without adding it first!


I’m not going to tag anyone specific, but if you want to do the tag please do so!


2 thoughts on “The Bookish Naughty List Tag

  1. Bookshelves are for filling! Great post. I have had 2 DNF so far this year. Better to just move on than to read a book you’re not enjoying.


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