February Goals Check In

Hi everyone

Tomorrow’s the last day of February, and as mentioned in It’s Monday! What are you reading? I plan to do an admittedly vague TBR for March Mystery Madness readathon so I’m posting this a day early!

Here’s how I got on with my Goals (more info here)

Challenge 1 – 2018 Goodreads Goal

I have completed 7 books in February, and as I write this (Monday evening), I should complete the 8th by tomorrow (it is my book group book – and it is a re-read). The 8 books are:

This currently means (basing on the completed 15 not 16) I am 5 books ahead, 21% towards the goal. I could go and change my challenge goal, but seeing as things are still pretty rough here, I’m keeping it at 70 (for now).

Challenge 2 – Mount TBR

3 books from Mount TBR this time – “Murder on the Oxford Canal”, “The Kill Order” and “Gamescape: Overworld”. That’s a current total of 5 towards the 24 – and I’m pleased with that.

Challenge 3 – The 2018 Reading Challenge

I’m using one of the books this month towards this. I’ve picked “Only One Life” by Sara Blaedel – because it’s a re-read and on my first read I gave it 5*. It can be used as the in translation.

Challenge 4 – Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge

No books fit into this category this month – still determined to do it though!

How did your month go? Are you still managing to stick to any goals?


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