A (vague) TBR for March Mystery Madness! @marchmysterymadness

As mentioned on Monday, I’m going to try and take part in this readathon, which runs from March 1st-31st. The initial announcement and all the hosts can be found here.

There are six challenges, and I’ve decided to put two or three options up for each one, in no particular order of preference. Each challenge is one word, and the word can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

Challenge 1 – Shelf

I’ve picked two books off my physical shelf and one book from my Kindle shelf.

Murder in the Garden, by Faith Martin

The Glass Room, by Ann Cleeves

The Vanishing Point, by Val McDermid

I’m most likely to read Murder in the Garden, as the next Faith Martin will be out in a couple of weeks! But I’m keen to read the other two as well!

Challenge 2 – Borrowed

I will most likely use my Euro Crime pick for the month that we get from the local library as we have to read it within the month anyway. We haven’t had our meeting yet – had to postpone it as severe snow (by our standards) has hit, but I’ve been cheeky and asked what the book is anyway. My other book is borrowed from my in-laws.

Night Market, by Daniel Pembrey

The October List, by Jeffrey Deaver

Challenge 3 – New

I’ve chosen to go with a new to me author, rather than a book that’s new to my shelf.

The Murder Wall, by Mari Hannah

Knots and Crosses, by Ian Rankin

Blind Fury, by Lynda La Plante

*waits for the deafening silence*. Yes it’s true. I might be a crime buff, but I’ve never read Rebus. And I’ve been saying for over a year I want to get to the Mari Hannah!

Challenge 4 – Historical

This is one of the easier challenges for me, as I’m a lover of Agatha Christie, however I’ve decided to try some newer to me historical reads.

The Wages of Sin, by Kaite Welsh

The Nine Tailors, by Dorothy L. Sayers

A Morbid Taste for Bones, by Ellis Peters

Challenge 5 – Foreign

Again, a fairly easy challenge for me. I’m a proud Europhile and have a number of European Crime titles on my shelves!

Faceless Killers, by Henning Mankell

We Shall Inherit the Wind, by Gunnar Staalesen

The Mine, by Antti Tuomainen

Challenge 6 – Opposite

I think I’m going to go with opposite of my comfort zone for this one and go with a book of short stories, but I had another thought of a book which I have on my shelf – it has a transgender detective. I would also consider that as being an opposite from my usual reads – there aren’t many transgender detectives in crime fiction that I have seen!

He’s Gone, by Alex Clare

Sydney Chambers and the Shadow of Death, by James Runcie

What do you think? Are there any you have read that you would encourage me to read? Do you fancy joining in? Let me know!


8 thoughts on “A (vague) TBR for March Mystery Madness! @marchmysterymadness

  1. I recommend reading the Sayers and Ellis Peters in order, since the series are real stories with characters that continue into the next one. I am not a modern mystery person, but read all of the older ones way back when and enjoyed them at the time. Good luck with it all!


      1. I dunno. I forget the order of them all, but it is certainly interesting, about bellringing and all that. If you have it and like it, you can always get the others. I loved the look into the older British history and culture.


  2. Oh, yes, do read Rebus! One of my top favourite ‘tecs of all time, though as a Scot of course I’m biased. I also love Ellis Peters though it’s been too long since I read one of them. Have fun, whichever books you go with. 🙂


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