25/3/17 It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? including latest on March Mystery Madness

So first and foremost – a rant. I appear to have had my account temporarily suspended on Twitter! Not best pleased. Apparently I have to tweet nothing for three days, then Twitter may decide I’m not a spambot and reconnect my account!

Moving on.

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly post to share what you recently finished reading, what you’re currently reading, and what you plan on reading next. This is a terrific meme that allows you to meet fellow bookworms and find new books to add to your ever-growing reading wish list.

I first spotted this weekly meme on Reading Between The Pages, although it is actually hosted by The Book Date.

What I read last:


Night Market, by Daniel Pembrey

This was for the “Borrowed” March Mystery Madness, as it was my Euro Crime book group pick. Unfortunately it is a sequel, and to properly understand and enjoy it you need to have read the first. I can’t control what books we get off the library! Could only give it a 2* although I liked Detective Van Der Pol I just couldn’t get to grips with the story!

What I’m currently reading:


Sydney Chambers and the Shadow of Death, by James Runcie

I’m currently reading this collection of short stories as my “Opposite” challenge – I don’t read many short stories. It is part of a larger group of books set in Grantchester, and has been a TV series on ITV here in the UK.

What I plan to read next:


Holy Island, by LJ Ross

Another change for my March Mystery Madness. LJ Ross is a “New” author to me. I’ve moved it up the list to read as I’ve borrowed it from the library – and I’ve had to wait several weeks (she’s a local author so very sought after). She writes Romantic Suspense and I’m not entirely sure about that as a genre!

If I get through both my current and next read by Saturday I’ll be thrilled – that’s all of he challenges complete!

How’s your reading going?


10 thoughts on “25/3/17 It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? including latest on March Mystery Madness

  1. I read the DCI Ryan book a few months back, but I wasn’t completely enamoured with it to be honest.
    Currently reading The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor, only a couple of chapters in but it is great so far.

    I plan on reading one of my NetGalley review books next but I keep not following my plan! It could possibly be usurped by Lord of The Flies or a John Connolly book. 🙂

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  2. Hi Sheila,

    I got ‘De-Twittered’ a while back and whilst I might have unknowingly committed some horrendous offence, even my techie husband couldn’t work out what it possibly might have been. I gave it a couple of days and as if by magic I was back and all with no explanation!

    I like the sound of ‘Holy Island’ and Louise Ross is definitely an author I am going to watch for in the future. I am already 7 books behind in the series, but I do plan to try and catch up very soon.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Reading 🙂


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