Returning to Blogging – some thoughts

Hello everyone

Thanks for being so patient while I have been through this difficult time.

I’ve been very conflicted about whether or not to return to blogging and not for the reasons you may think – I am still grieving, but that doesn’t mean I should stop blogging.


I’m not a particularly confident person in the first place, and just recently there’s been a lot in the blogging community about poor reviews and blogging just to get free books.

This is something I personally have worried about since I started blogging. Are my reviews any good? Do I come across as someone who’s only in it for the free books?

I don’t know if my reviews are good. Like I said, I’m not a very confident person to start with. I’m not called “The Quiet Geordie” for nothing! I’m also not particularly confident in my abilities, and it takes a lot for me to even think that people are interested in hearing what I say.

And on my other point – do I come across as someone who’s in it for the freebies? Well, I’m NOT in it for the freebies, but I do worry I sometimes do. If I have in the past it’s only because I couldn’t get over people actually offering me things – and an inability to say no!

I have a massive back list of things I agreed to review that I just haven’t got to. It’s one of the reasons I stopped doing reviews on Blog Tours (that and the worry that my reviews weren’t up to scratch).

So here I sat, wondering if I should come back to blogging. And then I came to a realisation.

It’s MY blog. MY rules.

So I will come back. When I am ready.

But I will come back with a completely different outlook – a clean sheet if you will.

Yes I still plan to work my way through my back list of books that are waiting for review. And I will still take part in Blog Tours – but only for certain writers.

I may not be the world’s best blogger. I probably will never win awards. I’ll never have the biggest following.

But I will do things my way.

And that, for me, is the best way I can.


17 thoughts on “Returning to Blogging – some thoughts

  1. My blog, my rules, my voice! A blogging credo that I have championed since the start of my own little blog and one that is valid for all.👍

    You sound similar to me with book reviews, I always think mine are for lack of a better word crap and I also doubt my blogging ability but I look at it this way, the fact that you, me, others doubt if our reviews are good means that we actually care about them and what we are writing.👍

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  2. I hope your ok. You’re post resonates with me, I feel the same interms if the quality of my reviews and getting free books and how that comes across, perhaps when you put yourself forward for books on Twitter. Is it too many, do I look greedy? But it is your blog and if it helps I think of it as my hobby. Take care c

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  3. Hun, you can only ever do it your way. Never try to emulate others as you’ll always feel you are found wanting. Your style is special because it is about you and your reviews are absolutely fine so don’t worry about that.

    We all doubt ourselves but just keep sharing the book love when you are ready to and have faith. We’ve all been, and still are, where you are. Some days are easier than others and sometimes blogging is a charm and others a chore. As long as you love it, stick at it

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  4. I love your blog and have missed you! You are such a huge support in the community. I am glad you have made this decision ❤ I think I miss a lot of the debate and "drama" that occurs because I tend to have "selective" hearing and vision with social media. It is the only way I know how to survive it all. I am just thankful that you took from it enough to realize you are best to do it all your way 🙂

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  5. You have been missed Shelia and I’m very much of the thinking “my blog, my rules” I’m always doubting my reviews but I do my best, please don’t doubt yourself and keep doing what you are doing x

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  6. The reason why I read a range of blogs on a daily basis is because we all have something different to say, in our own way. You have to remember that as a whole the community is passionate about books and the reason why some issues arise is because it’s obvious where some people’s motivation lies. Personally I think it is up to the publishers and PR companies that work on their behalf to monitor and we should all keep doing what we love. It really isn’t a competition about who reads the most, writes the best reviews, gets the most book post or wins awards – if you like book blogging do it your way with pride.
    Grief takes a long and twisty path, take care of yourself x

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  7. So good to see your post and I totally understand where you coming from and feel the same way. I’m behind with my reading and seem to struggle to write up my reviews these days, even though I’ve started making notes now whilst I’m writing. Like Cleo says above it isn’t a competition but a lovely hobby sharing the book love. Take care xx

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  8. I know it’s hard because I do it too but please try not to doubt yourself too much. I really enjoy reading your posts and I think if you write reviews etc “your way,” and people can see your passion and personality, you will always have a readership. 😘

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  9. Looking forward to your return! You do you, like you said, “my blog, my rules.” I love your blog and your reviews! You are not alone, I think a lot of us have doubts about our reviews, myself included. I choose not to do blog tours and stay away from the drama. I just want to read the books I’m interested in and review them. Enjoy the rest of your break! x

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  10. I’m glad you’ve decided to come back! Of course your reviews are good – they’re your honest opinion, and that’s more valuable than any blurb or some academic analysis. I enjoy getting freebies, but to be honest, and I’ve said this before, the publishers get a very good deal for the price of a paperback or a Kindle ARC. If you add the length of time it takes you to read the book, write the review, draft and post it, and answer comments; then multiply that by the minimum hourly pay rate in your region; then compare it to the price of a book – they do very well out of us, and they know it. So be in it for the freebies – you deserve them! 😀

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