First Chapter/First Paragraph – The Language of Kindness, by Christine Watson

I spotted this meme over on Tina @ Reading Between The Pages (I seem to get a lot of stuff from her!) but it was originally started by Vicki @ I’d Rather be at the Beach. Every Tuesday share the First Chapter/First Paragraph or two of the book you are currently reading.

First Chapter/First Paragraph

Introduction: Worth Risking Life For

I didn’t always want to be a nurse. I went through a number of career possibilities and continually exasperated the careers advisor at my failing secondary school. ‘Marine biologist’ was one career choice that I listed, having visions of wearing a swimsuit all day in a sunny climate and swimming with dolphins. When I discovered that much of the work of a marine biologist involved studying plankton off the coast of Wales, I had a rethink. During one summer in Swansea I spent time watching my great-great aunt gutting catfish in the large kitchen sink; and once I went out on a boat with hairy, gruff and burly yellow-booted men who pissed in the sea and swore continually. I’d also eaten cockles and laver bread for breakfast. Marine biology was definitely out.

The Language of Kindness, by Christie Watson


Christie Watson was a nurse for twenty years. Taking us from birth to death and from A&E to the mortuary, The Language of Kindness is an astonishing account of a profession defined by acts of care, compassion and kindness.

We watch Christie as she nurses a premature baby who has miraculously made it through the night, we stand by her side during her patient’s agonising heart-lung transplant, and we hold our breath as she washes the hair of a child fatally injured in a fire, attempting to remove the toxic smell of smoke before the grieving family arrive.

In our most extreme moments, when life is lived most intensely, Christie is with us. She is a guide, mentor and friend. And in these dark days of division and isolationism, she encourages us all to stretch out a hand.

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