Trying out a Subscription Box: Coffee and Crime Vintage Box @ArmchairSleuth

Today I thought I’d do something a bit different. I treated myself to a Coffee and Crime Vintage Box – this is not a paid promotion, I paid for the box and chose to review it. There is a link to the website at the bottom of the review.

In each box you receive:
• A newsletter which highlights upcoming releases, personal favourite reads, puzzles and more!
• Two personally selected surprise vintage mystery novels (although vintage in origin, with some signs of previous use, they will all be in good condition ).
• A sachet of luxury coffee (Great for indulging in whilst reading your latest books). I am currently sending out Douwe Egberts. However hot chocolate and tea alternatives are possible so do drop me a message if this would be preferable.
• Book/Mystery related goodies, such as notebooks, tote bags, coasters and more! (These will change from month to month, so subscribers won’t receive the same gifts twice and examples of these gifts can be seen in the pictures).

Here’s what I received:

What’s inside?

The vintage crime paperbacks came wrapped up. They were:


Ellery Queen’s book of Mystery Stories

A collection of short stories by various authors, edited by Ellery Queen

Who Saw Her Die? by Patricia Moyes

Detective Inspector Henry Tibbet visits the country estate of Lady Crystal Balaclava who, for reasons known only to herself and her Ouija board, feels her life is in imminent danger. And at her birthday party, she dies–from an apparent heart attack.

Bookish Goodies!

Goodies received:

  • Newsletter
  • Earl Grey Teabag
  • Lindor Chocolate Bar
  • A is for Arsenic – The Poisons of Agatha Christie, by Kathryn Markup
  • Cluedo Rev Green Magnet
  • Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula Postcard
  • Death on the Nile Badge
  • British Library Crime Classics Bookmark
  • Pencil

The box costs £19.99 + shipping (UK £2.90), and this is the second box I have had. I thought the goodies were far more useful in this one to my previous. I might have already sneakily drank the tea and eaten the chocolate! The magnet has gone straight on the fridge – I’ve always loved Cluedo so was delighted with that! I’ve also wanted to read “A is for Arsenic” for a while, so I’m pleased with that.

In terms of the vintage novels, both are paperbacks and second hand, but of very good quality. Ellery Quinn’s short stories – I have heard of some of the authors (John Steinbeck, H.G. Wells, Rudyard Kipling and even Charles Dickens to name a few) but not in terms of mystery fiction. I look forward to reading them!

I actually saw “Who Saw Her Die” in a second hand bookshop just the other day, but something held me back from purchasing it – so I’m delighted to see it in this box!

What I particularly like about this box is the books are picked specifically for you. I haven’t read much in the way of vintage crime with the exception of Agatha Christie. However, if you are more of an expert, you can let her know any favourite writers, any to avoid, etc.

At the minute there is a discount of 10% available, just enter the code BODIESFROMTHELIBRARY at the checkout.

Coffee and Crime Subscription Box


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