Mid Year Goals Check In

It’s the end of June, and the middle of the year, so let’s see how badly I’m doing!

Challenge 1 – 2018 Goodreads Goal


It’s All In Your Head, by Suzanne O’Sullivan

Flawed, by Cecelia Ahern

The Honeymoon, by Tina Seskis

The Girlfriend, by Michelle Frances

Murder Never Retires, by Faith Martin

Murder of a Lover, by Faith Martin

The Language of Kindness, by Christie Watson

Thin Ice, by Quentin Bates

I’m delighted that I read 8 books this month. My reviews for all of the above can be found on Goodreads. I’ve now read 54 books, which is 20 ahead and 77%.

Book of the month for me was “The Girlfriend”, which I gave 5*.

Challenge 2 – Mount TBR

Both “The Honeymoon” and “The Girlfriend” were from my own shelves, so that’s another 2. I also read 7 from my shelves last month which were all YA books. That’s 16 towards the 24, which I’m very happy about!

Challenge 3 – The 2018 Reading Challenge

Nothing this month, but I did read a play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, last month, so that’s 5 of 12.

Challenge 4 – Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge

Still only read the one!

So, not doing as badly as I originally thought. How are you getting on with any challenges?



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