July Monthly Goals Check in #Goodreads #MountTBR #IdRatherBeReading #OldSchoolKidlit2018

My goodness me, are we at the end of July already?! If I’m being honest, the first few months didn’t fly (regular readers will be aware why), but since the end of May, time has flown!

So, how am I getting on with my goals?

Challenge One – Goodreads 2018

Grief Works, by Julia Samuel

Dirty Secrets, by Janice Frost – reviewed here.

Murder at Hawthorne Cottage, by Melissa Craig

Murder Never Misses, by Faith Martin – reviewed here.

Bookworm, by Lucy Mangan

Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott

Her Last Breath, by Charlie Gallagher – reviewed here.

When It Grows Dark, by Jorn Lier Horst

The Backpacker, by Stewart Giles – review following tomorrow

Lying and Dying, by Graham Brack – reviewed here.

Phew! Can’t quite believe I’ve read 10 books this month! 64 out of the 70 I targeted myself! That’s 91%!

My book of the month goes to “Lying and Dying” by Graham Brack.

Challenge 2 – Mount TBR

Nothing from the Mount TBR challenge this month – so I’m still at 16.

Challenge 3 – The 2018 Reading Challenge

Two challenges ticked off this month – for the Classic you’ve been meaning to read, I read “Little Women”, and for a Book you can read in a day I read “When It Grows Dark”. I’ve now caught up on this challenge – 7 of the 12 completed.

Challenge 4 – Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge

I’ve FINALLY managed another towards this challenge – “Little Women” – so that’s 2 down, 4 to go!

How are you getting on with challenges? How was your reading month?


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