November Wrap Up and Goals Check In #Goodreads #MountTBR #IdRatherBeReading #OldSchoolKidLit2018

Hello friends!

Penultimate round up of the year – can’t believe it’s 1st December already!

Challenge 1 – Goodreads 2018

The Night Visitor, by Patrick Redmond, reviewed here

Hillary’s Final Case, by Faith Martin, reviewed here

Under the Knife, by Arnold van de Laar, reviewed here

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, by Stuart Turton, reviewed here

Murder at the Book Club, by Betsy Reavley

After He’s Gone, by Jane Isaac

Whilst all the books were 4* reads, my favourite was “Under the Knife”. I’m currently at 96 books, 137%.

Challenge 2 – Mount TBR

None of the books cover my Mount TBR challenge this month – they’ve all come into my possession this year. Hopefully I’ll get another 3 next month.

Challenge 3 – The 2018 Reading Challenge

This month I took on the challenge I was dreading – the 500+ pages! “The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle was the book I chose, and I did enjoy it! I’m already set up for my final challenge – “Recommended by a librarian” – and the book that was suggested should be in my hands soon.

Challenge 4 – Old School Kidlit

I haven’t read any more for this challenge.

So, to recap – with one month to go – I’m ahead on Goodreads, 3 to go for Mount TBR, 1 for the Reading Challenge and 2 for Old School Kidlit. 6 books. This could be a problem – I haven’t had any of the Old School books for over a year, and I don’t own the one for the Reading Challenge – so it really is 6 books. Plus on top of that I have 2 Blog Tour books to read in December. Oops. Think I should go and get on with it!

How was your reading month?

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