Newcastle Noir Festival (part 1) #NewcastleNoir @NewcastleNoir @ToonLibraries @ForumBooks

Hello friends!

Today I’m sharing the first of 3 posts of my weekend at Newcastle Noir. This post covers Friday 3rd May.


Who Do You Think You Are?

My first panel was Alex Khan, Marnie Riches and Ed James, moderated by Daniel James. Even though all of the panels were named after songs, Daniel explored why the three authors didn’t write what they know. Ed said he was a bit sick of writing similar stuff, and wanted to document current times in America. This book is coming next year. Marnie said her first novel was written when there wasn’t a lot of diverse characters in crime fiction – although she wouldn’t do it now. Her current novels are closer to her experience. Finally, Alex said he’s only 2 books in so he wasn’t bored – but his current novel started as a joke. He thinks writing is exciting.


New Kid in Town

Next up were Adam Peacock, Christoffer Petersen, GD Absom and Alison Belsham. It’s always fab to hear from new authors and they have some fantastic titles out.


BalkaNOIR to Bucharest NOIR

Thirdly were Anamaria Ionescu, Teodora Matei and Bogdan Hrib, expertly moderated by translator and author Quentin Bates.

Unfortunately, my phone chose this moment to die, and I didn’t get photos for the other panels on Friday.

Here Come the Girls

My penultimate panel of the day was with Alexandra Sokoloff, Madeline Black, Judith O’Reilly and Lucy Foley. They all discussed how they have strong female characters in their books. I was moved by Madeline discussing her book, which  is a memoir.

Lindisfarne Prize

Whilst I didn’t attend the award ceremony, I would like to congratulate the winner of the Lindisfarne Prize, Cressida Downing.

White Queen

Friday night’s special guest was Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, interviewed by Jacky Collins. Yrsa discussed how she got her crown as Queen of Crime Fiction (she was the only female crime author at the time) and how she started in other fiction, then was asked to write crime. With her first novel, she wrote the first 3 chapters in English and had them translated. She likes to only write 5 or 6 books in each series to keep things fresh.

Coming tomorrow – Saturday 4th May!

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