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Hello friends!

Today I’m back with the second of three posts on Newcastle Noir. Today’s post covers Saturday 4th May.


Rough Justice

My first panel of the day was Craig Robertson, Noelle Holten (aka CrimeBookJunkie), Sarah Stovell and Michael J Malone. Sharon Bairden (aka chapterinmylife) moderated. The panel discussed how they all get a sense of justice from being able to serve justice on anyone or anything!


Favourite Worst Nightmare (Yorkshire Noir)

AA Dhand, Nick Quantrill, June Taylor and Daniel Marshall discussed how Yorkshire plays a part in their novels with moderator Daniel James. Daniel Marshall told us that whilst Yorkshire didn’t play a part in his debut novel (it’s set on a Scottish island), he planned to use it in future novels. AA Dhand told us it was during a book launch for the second book in the Harry Virdee series that he came up with the idea for his current book. Apparently he looked up at the ceiling of Waterstones in Bradford and the idea of a body hanging there was born…. June Taylor is a proud Leeds Lass, but Leeds is not so much a character as a backdrop to her books as they are all psychological thrillers. Nick Quantrill has only ever lived in Hull, and there were no crime writers from Hull, so he decided to change that.


I am what I am

Next up was the LBGTQ panel, shortened to “cupcakes” by moderator Jackie Collins. Jonina Leosdottir, Derek Farrell and Paul Burston all discussed how they came to write crime fiction.


We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside (Welsh crime fiction)

GB Williams, Matt Johnstone, Thorne Moore and Phil Rowlands discussed how their Welsh family connections encouraged them to write novels set in Wales. Phil is interested in the criminal mind. Matt is an ex copper who found writing therapeutic while coping with PTSD, and Gail wanted to be a copper, but was too short, so writing about coppers was the next best thing!


What lies beneath?

Johanna Gustawsson, Thomas Enger, Louise Beech and Simone Bucholz discussed the feeling of recognition with awards for their books. Simone talked about the anxiety she suffers with, and how when she writes she writes only for her editor. Thomas talked about awards being a good thing. Louise said nothing is guaranteed, but she writes for the love of it. Joanna agreed, saying just seeing your book on a shelf gives you joy.


Saturday Night Showcase

Saturday night’s final panel and special guests were Gunnar Staalesen and John Harvey. As Newcastle were playing, both authors started by talking about their love of English football. They both have long and varied careers, and it was a really interesting discussion.

Coming tomorrow – Sunday 5th May!

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