Newcastle Noir Festival (part 3) #NewcastleNoir @NewcastleNoir @ToonLibraries @ForumBooks

Hello friends!

Today I’m back with the final post on Newcastle Noir. Today’s post covers Sunday 5th May.


A Town called Malice

My first panel of the day was with Alan Parks, Tony Hutchinson, Paul Heatley and Nigel Bird. They discussed how they approached crime writing. Paul said he knew nothing about Police procedure, but was drawn to the criminal mind. Tony has 30 years in the Police and uses that experience. Alan said there wasn’t much point in writing about parking tickets – and he’s more interested in how issues affect people. Neil likes putting people under pressure and pushing them.


Do you come from a land down under?

Next up were Vanda Symon, Nathan Blackwell, Rachel Amphlett and Helen Fitzgerald. This was the most entertaining panel of the weekend – we learned a lot about Aussie culture as well as how they got into writing.


Wonderwall (Northern Noir)

Caroline England, Robert Parker and Mel Sherratt discussed their writing process and why they set their books in the north. For Caroline, the place is not as important as the people. Robert only sets his novels in locations he’s been to. Mel originally self published because all her rejections were because no-one wanted to read about Stoke.


Fog on the Tyne (North East Noir)

Mick Heron, MW Craven, Howard Linskey and Richard Rippon discussed how where they grew up had influenced their writing. Mick admitted only one of his novels was set in the North East. MW Craven’s novels are definitely shaped by his northern roots. In Richard Rippon’s case the area has shaped his current novel – especially the North East coastline. Howard admitted when he first started out he thought all books were written by posh southerners and it seemed right to set his books in the North East.


Dirty Paws (Icelandic Noir)

This was my last panel of the festival. Oskar Gudmundson and Solveig Palsdottir are not as yet published in English, but Quentin Bates is. They discussed their journey into crime fiction.

I had an amazing time at this year’s festival, and can’t wait to go back next year!

My book haul!


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