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Hello friends!

I’ve read a few books I don’t have a lot to say on, so I’m sharing several now:

Watching You, by Arne Dahl


Someone is watching.

At each abandoned crime scene there’s a hidden clue: a tiny metal cog, almost invisible to the naked eye. Someone is sending Detective Sam Berger a message, someone who knows that only he will understand the cryptic trail.

Someone knows.

When another teenaged girl disappears without trace, Sam must convince his superiors that they’re dealing with a serial killer. As the police continue the hunt to find the latest victim, Sam is forced to unearth long-buried personal demons. He has no choice if he is to understand the killer’s darkly personal message before time runs out.

Somebody is killing just for him.

I have to say I was very disappointed with this read unfortunately. I was expecting Nordic Noir Police Procedural and what I got was more like an American Private Investigator drama. I didn’t particularly enjoy the story line and did not feel connected to the characters. I gave it 2*. Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for my advanced copy. This was Book 1 of the 20 Books of Summer challenge.

Anne of Green Gables, by L. M. Montgomery


Her name isn’t Cordelia, her hair isn’t black, and she has no parents. These are the tragical facts of Anne Shirley’s life until she comes to Green Gables and faces another: she’s a girl.

Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert wanted a boy to help with the farm work but of all the things Anne can imagine, leaving Green Gables isn’t one of them. She’ll do anything to stay – talk less, pay more attention, control her temper. At least she’ll try to.

Part of the Anne of Green Gables Complete Collection by L. M. Montgomery. A tale of literature’s most famous redhead and her colourful imagination. An excellent introduction to classic literature.

Oh my goodness. This book. It made me laugh, it made me cry – it brought back so many memories from my childhood. Being a Classic, I didn’t read it as a child, however I’m trying to broaden my reading. I loved it, and gave it 5*. This was book 2 of 20 Books of Summer challenge, and from my personal TBR.

A Room Full of Bones, by Elly Griffiths


It is Halloween night, and the local museum in King’s Lynn is preparing for an unusual event – the opening of a coffin containing the bones of a medieval bishop. But when Ruth Galloway arrives to supervise, she finds the museum’s curator lying dead beside the coffin. It is only a matter of time before she and DI Nelson cross paths once more, as he is called in to investigate. Soon the museum’s wealthy owner lies dead in his stables too. These two deaths could be from natural causes but Nelson isn’t convinced. When threatening letters come to light, events take an even more sinister turn. But as Ruth’s friends become involved, where will her loyalties lie? As her convictions are tested, she and Nelson must discover how Aboriginal skulls, drug smuggling and the mystery of The Dreaming may hold the answer to these deaths, and their own survival.

I’ve written before how much I enjoy the Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffiths. However this time I was slightly underwhelmed. Whilst the characters themselves are fabulous, the plot on this one was a little too “out there” for me. I gave it 3*. This was the 4th book in my 20 reads of summer challenge, and another borrowed book.

Have you read anything good recently?

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