June Wrap Up #Goodreads #MountTBR2019 #VIRTUALMountTBR2019 #NGEW2019 #MMD #20BooksofSummer #MidYear

Hello friends!

Hope you’re all having a fabulous summery weekend!


June has been back to normal in terms of how many books I read. All 8 are from my “20 Books of Summer”, so I think I’m going to take a slight break and read by mood before continuing! I’ve read a total of 44 books so far this year.

Watching You, by Arne Dahl – reviewed here

Anne of Green Gables, by L. M. Montgomery – also reviewed here

The Death of Her, by Debbie Howells – reviewed here

A Room Full of Bones, by Elly Griffiths – reviewed here

The Pool House, by Tasmina Perry – reviewed here

Death of an Englishman, by Magdalen Naab – also reviewed here

The Girl Who Came Back, by Kerry Wilkinson – also reviewed here

Summertime All The Cats Are Bored, by Phllipe Georget – review to follow.

Mount TBR

5 books from my own TBR – “Watching You”, “Anne of Green Gables”, “The Death of Her”, “The Pool House” and “The Girl Who Came Back”. I’m now at 29 of the 36, so I am definitely going to move up to the next level – which is Mount Ararat (48 books), or possibly the even higher level of Mount Kilimanjaro (60 books).


The other 3 books were all on loan. I’m now up to 14 of my 24, so on track. The next level up is Mount Munch (36 books), so again it is a possibility I may move up a level.

NetGalley and Edelweiss Challenge

4 of the books were from NetGalley – “Watching You”, “The Death of Her”, “The Pool House” and “The Girl Who Came Back”. I’m now up to 13 of my 25, so again on track. The next level up is Gold (50 books) – and I’m not brave enough for that challenge!

Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge

I’ve used 3 of the books to tick off these challenges this month as I was a little behind. I used “Watching You” as my Book in Translation (those of you who read my initial 20 Books of Summer post will be aware I was going to use “Death of an Englishman” for this challenge – but I hadn’t realised at the time that the book was originally in English!). I also used “Anne of Green Gables” as a Book Outside my Comfort Zone (a Classic), and “A Room Full of Bones” is the first book towards the Three Books by the Same Author.

Book of the Month

My favourite book this month (which came as a bit of a shock) was “Anne of Green Gables”!

I’ll be back tomorrow with “It’s Monday”!


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