Review: A Death at Fountains Abbey, by Antonia Hodgson #MountTBR @AntoniaHodgson

Hello friends!

Today I’m reviewing “A Death at Fountains Abbey”, by Antonia Hodgson.


About the book:

Late spring, 1728 and Thomas Hawkins has left London for the wild beauty of Yorkshire – forced on a mission he can’t refuse. John Aislabie, one of the wealthiest men in England, has been threatened with murder. Blackmailed into investigating, Tom must hunt down those responsible, or lose the woman he loves forever.

Since Aislabie is widely regarded as the architect of the greatest financial swindle ever seen, there is no shortage of suspects.

Far from the ragged comforts of home, Tom and his ward Sam Fleet enter a world of elegant surfaces and hidden danger. The great estate is haunted by family secrets and simmering unease. Someone is determined to punish John Aislabie – and anyone who stands in the way. As the violence escalates and shocking truths are revealed, Tom is dragged, inexorably, towards the darkest night of his life.

Inspired by real characters, events and settings, A Death at Fountains Abbey is a gripping standalone historical thriller. It also continues the story that began with the award-winning The Devil in the Marshalsea and The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins.

My thoughts:

Confession time: This was partly a cover buy – I adore it! I was also inspired to buy it due to the fact I was visiting Fountains Abbey at the time!

Anyway – what you all really want to know is did I enjoy it?!


I loved the plot. I was immediately gripped. Who would want to kill Aislabie? Lots of people (me included at several moments through the book!) have grudges with him. But at least his servants and family are loyal – aren’t they? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I found the main character, Tom Hawkins, a likeable man. His determination to find the truth was admirable. Aislabie wasn’t an unlikeable character – it was more his stubbornness that annoyed me!

I really enjoyed it – and was fascinated by the historical notes at the end of the book that talks of what really happened – the characters and events.

Overall I gave it 5*.

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