October wrap up (and general life update) #Goodreads #MountTBR2019 #VIRTUALMountTBR2019 #MMD

Hello friends!

October has not been a good month. I’ve written in the past about my struggles with mental health, and with medical records not being transferred properly between my old Drs and new, and I’ve been having a bit of a stressful time.

I now live on the border between Newcastle and North Tyneside. Whilst I still live in Newcastle, my new Drs are in North Tyneside. Apparently only my electronic notes have been transferred (covering from 2015), the paper ones which obviously have the rest of my life in have not.

Test results which would have been normal at the old Drs are being red flagged at the new ones because they don’t know my full history. I’m still having one or two ongoing, but I’m no longer worried, as I’m not exactly surprised by the results! There are also issues because I should automatically have been referred to North Tyneside’s mental health team, but that has also managed to slip through the cracks.

On the plus side, I’m incredibly proud of myself. While I was going through this and in emotional turmoil, I got through my brother in law’s wedding with only a mild panic attack. I’m not good in large gatherings of people I don’t know, and there were around 100 people there.

So, enough about me. On to the books!

The Diary of a Bookseller, by Shaun Bythell – review here

The Herring in the Library, by L.C. Tyler – review here

The Truth Will Out, by Jane Isaac – review here

Follow Me, by Angela Clarke

Dying Fall, by Elly Griffiths

Death in Profile, by Guy Fraser-Sampson

A Deathly Silence, by Jane Isaac

The Dinner Party, by R.J. Parker

I’m on the blog tour for “A Deathly Silence” on Thursday, and will review “The Dinner Party” in the near future too.

Another 8 books – which seems to be my average. I’ve now read 79 books this year. Both “A Deathly Silence” and “The Dinner Party” only count towards the Goodreads goal as they are both newly published.

Mount TBR

“The Diary of a Bookseller”, “The Herring in the Library”, “Follow Me” and “Death in Profile” were from my TBR mountain.

Virtual TBR

Both “The Truth Will Out” and “Dying Fall” were from my in laws.

Modern Mrs Darcy

I used “Dying Fall” towards the 3 books by the same author challenge.

Book of the month

“A Deathly Silence” by Jane Issac.

4 thoughts on “October wrap up (and general life update) #Goodreads #MountTBR2019 #VIRTUALMountTBR2019 #MMD

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having problems with medical notes being transferred Sheila, I don’t know why it should be a problem but it always seems to be, as I know too. I hope you get it sorted soon. You’ve read some good books there.

    Liked by 1 person

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