It’s Murder at the Museum with Tall Tales Mysteries! @TallTalesMystry @GNM_Hancock @TWAMmuseums

Hello friends!

As part of my Christmas present, my lovely husband got us a pair of tickets to an Afternoon Tea Murder Mystery at the Great North Museum here in Newcastle. The event was presented by Tall Tales Mysteries. I thought I’d share our afternoon of murder, mystery and mayhem with you!

After being directed to one of the museum’s function rooms, we sat down with several other couples, and chatted amongst ourselves as we waited for the fun to start. As the actors slowly made their way in, we were handed an information pack, which had things like character introductions, newspaper articles and some paper to make all important notes! There were also sealed envelopes which were to be opened when we were told to open them.

With it being in the museum, we were all meant to be well off donors, who had all come to see the reveal of the Koor Blymi Diamond, which was going to be exhibited at the museum after being shown to us. Unfortunately, before the diamond was revealed, disaster struck! The person revealing the diamond was dead!

As there was going to be a wait while the Police arrived, we were invited to go around the museum, and chat with the organisers – Digger Jones, who found the diamond, his publisher Arty Fact, another archeologist Clay Potts, museum curator Professor Alex Ibitt, museum manager Faye Rowe and antiques dealer Inga Stone.

There were some scripted scenes around the museum and more opening of envelopes – and plenty of red herrings – and then we returned to the function room, where the Police had eventually arrived – one Inspector Clueless!


We were asked to fill in our accusations and hand them in. My husband is known for being competitive and had a completely different theory to me so insisted on putting his own accusation in.

Then came the denouement! Alas, neither me or the husband got it right! But my husband had got it so wrong he was announced as the Detective furthest from the truth!

We both went to collect the prize – and after photographs, it was time for a delicious Afternoon Tea. Being a Detective is hungry and thirsty work!

We had an absolutely fantastic time – and I can highly recommend taking part in something similar!

6 thoughts on “It’s Murder at the Museum with Tall Tales Mysteries! @TallTalesMystry @GNM_Hancock @TWAMmuseums

  1. What a great blog! Thank you so much for coming along you and your husband were great and really got stuck into the role of detective, and what a fantastic setting for our murder at the museum!
    Hope to see you at another tall tales murder mystery event ☺️
    Fiona (aka Alex ibitt)

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  2. You grilled me like a halibut when you were questioning me. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

    Thanks for the excellent review in your blog. Lee (AKA Arty Fact)

    Liked by 1 person

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