Recent Reads, Rapid Reviews: A Taste for Death, The ABC Murders and The Red House Mystery #MountTBR2020 #20BooksofSummer #mmdchallenge #FFRC2020

Hello friends!

Here are some more recent reads.

A Taste for Death, by PD James


When the quiet Little Vestry of St. Matthew’s Church becomes the blood-soaked scene of a double murder, Scotland Yard Commander Adam Dalgliesh faces an intriguing conundrum: How did an upper-crust Minister come to lie, slit throat to slit throat, next to a neighborhood derelict of the lowest order? Challenged with the investigation of a crime that appears to have endless motives, Dalgliesh explores the sinister web spun around a half-burnt diary and a violet-eyed widow who is pregnant and full of malice–all the while hoping to fill the gap of logic that joined these two disparate men in bright red death.

Oh dear. I really struggled with this. I found it overly descriptive, in a weird way. The author described every room that was entered. The plot was very slow, and I didn’t particularly like any of the characters. Overall I gave it 2*. This was from my shelf, and is book 16 of the #20BooksofSummer.

The ABC Murders, by Agatha Christie


When Alice Ascher is murdered in Andover, Hercule Poirot is already on to the clues. Alphabetically speaking, it’s one down, twenty-five to go.

There’s a serial killer on the loose. His macabre calling card is to leave the ABC Railway guide beside each victim’s body. But if A is for Alice Asher, bludgeoned to death in Andover; and B is for Betty Bernard, strangled with her belt on the beach at Bexhill; then who will Victim C be?

I knew I was going to really enjoy this from the minute it began. Mostly told from Captain Hastings point of view (including a foreword by him – I’ve never seen a foreword written by a fictional character) it was another book that I just couldn’t put down. As usual, plenty of twists and red herrings. Overall I gave it 5*. This was from my bookshelf, and is the 17th in the #20BooksofSummer project. I also plan on using this towards the 3rd book by the same author for the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge.

The Red House Mystery, by AA Milne


Far from the gentle slopes of the Hundred Acre Wood lies The Red House, the setting for A.A Milne’s only detective story, where secret passages, uninvited guests, a sinister valet and a puzzling murder lay the foundations for a classic crime caper. And when the local police prove baffled, it is up to a guest at a local inn to appoint himself ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and, together with his friend and loyal ‘Watson’, delve deeper into the mysteries of the dead man.

The Red House Mystery is a lost gem from a time before Tigger and a perfectly crafted whodunit with witty dialogue, deft plotting and a most curious cast of characters.

I really enjoyed this. Very entertaining and clever plot, with likeable and quirky characters. I was very taken in with the red herrings. Shame there aren’t more. I gave it 4*. This was from my own shelf, and is book 18 in the #20BooksofSummer project. I also plan on using this towards the Fictionophile Fiction reading challenge – title is the name of a building.

7 thoughts on “Recent Reads, Rapid Reviews: A Taste for Death, The ABC Murders and The Red House Mystery #MountTBR2020 #20BooksofSummer #mmdchallenge #FFRC2020

  1. Rare feat in which I have managed to read all three of the books you have in your post. I imagine our ratings are quite similar. P D James’ books started out well, but as they got longer, the weaker they became. A A Milne did write another mystery of sorts, Four Days Wonder – more of a comic thriller than a whodunnit.

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