March 2021 Roundup

Hello everyone!

March is over, so time to round up what I read – and what I thought!

Books I have read:

In March, I managed to read a total of 11 books, which seems to be about my average now. Quite impressed – given I lost count how many books I gave up on!

First this month was Crimes of Winter, by Philippe Georget. This is the third in the Inspector Seabag mystery series, and was my least favourite by far. Changes to characters that I didn’t like, and a very slow dragging plot. A disappointing start to the month – 2*.

Next, having asked for recommendations on one of my WWW posts, I picked up Bats in the Belfry, by ECR Lorac. A really enjoyable Golden Age mystery that cheered me up immensely! I liked the characters, and thought the plot was excellent. Overall a 4* read.

I then picked up a library book – Cut to the Bone, by Alex Caan. This was a middling read for me. The short chapters meant I read it quickly, but the plot was a bit far fetched, and I wasn’t overly keen on any of the characters. It also left many loose ends – which is my pet hate in books! Overall a 3* read.

I felt the need for something a bit different for my next read, so picked a non fiction. Hired, by James Bloodworth was the book in question, and I have to admit I was left really disappointed. It was very repetitive and I got the impression he hadn’t done much of the low paid jobs he was supposedly undercover trying out. I gave it 2*.

Next up I picked The Unquiet Dead, by Ausma Zehanat Khan. I’d enjoyed the second book in the series (originally reviewed here) so much that I wanted to go back and read the first. I was so pleased I did. I found it a powerful and moving read, one that I felt the need to savour. I really liked the characters too. Overall I gave it 4*.

I felt the need for another Golden Age crime read next, so I picked up The Hog’s Back Mystery, by Freeman Wills Crofts. It was a very quick read, with plenty of twists and an interesting ending. I’ve read this author before, so I knew I was in for a treat. Overall 4*.

I then read He’s Gone, by Alex Clare. This was one of those books that even now looking back I’m still not sure how I felt abut it. A decent plot and good characters, but I somehow just never felt connected to it. Probably not a series I’d continue, but I still gave it 3*.

Having had a strange time with my previous read, I then chose another favourite author. I picked The Zig Zag Girl, by Elly Griffiths. This was the first in the Stevens and Mephisto series. I was a bit worried as I love the Ruth Galloway series, but this was a great start to a new series, an entertaining mystery and interesting characters. I gave it 4*.

I’ve been carrying on with my short story a day project, and this was the point in the month when I had finished another collection. Crime Stories from “The Strand”, by various authors was a strong collection, with only one or two disappointments. It included Sherlock Holmes stories, a Miss Marple story and a Poirot story. Overall a 4* read.

I like to read an Agatha Christie a month – this month’s pick for me was Ordeal by Innocence, by Agatha Christie. It’s another one I don’t think I’ve read before. I loved the plot, and as ever it had strong characters. A 5* read.

And finally, I managed to squeeze in a very short book. Borderline Personality Disorder – A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed. I’ve spoken about my mental health issues before – and with the help of professionals, it seems I may have this diagnosis to add to my woes. I feel better informed having read it, but unfortunately it was very American centric, so not terribly helpful for someone who isn’t looking for help there,

Unsurprisingly, my favourite book of the month was:


Books I have bought/won:

Borderline Personality Disorder – A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed – as mentioned above.

Borderline Personality Disorder Survival Guide – by the same authors – possibly going to be a disappointment for the same reasons previously mentioned!

Written in Bone, by Sue Black – a prize from the publishers.

Happy reading!

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