April 2021 Roundup

Hello everyone

Well, somehow we’ve made it through April. It feels like it went on forever! I did not have a particularly good reading month, but read on to see how it went.

Books I have read:

My reading went into a downwards spiral, but I still somehow managed to read 9 books. Quite a number I struggled with, but I didn’t give up on a single book!

The first book I completed in April was The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle. It wasn’t my favourite collection of short stories. I enjoyed a couple but several just didn’t work for me. Overall 3*.

My second book (and first full novel) for April was The Ides of April, by Lindsay Davies. This was the first if the Flavia Albia mysteries. Unfortunately I didn’t get on with this at all. I found it bogged down in historical fiction and not enough mystery. I also just didn’t get along with the characters. A disappointing 2*.

Next up was The Missing Hours, by Emma Kavanagh. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and found it really interesting. I also liked the characters and the multi media aspect to it. My only disappointment was I found it a little too slow to start. Overall a 4* read.

Then I completed another short story collection – The Mysterious Mr Quin, by Agatha Christie. So far it is my least favourite collection by this author – most of the stories have a slightly supernatural side to them. I also found the lead characters very irritating! Another disappointing 2*.

My fifth read this month was A Puzzle for Fools, by Patrick Quentin. It is set in a psychiatric unit, and I found that setting very uncomfortable. Having said that, it was an interesting mystery with great characters. Overall a 3*.

My sixth read of the month was A Cold Death, by Antonio Manzini. This is the second of the Rocco Schiavone series. I had fond memories of the first book from an early book group meeting. Unfortunately whilst I found some of the humour entertaining, I didn’t find the plot particularly gripping and I really did not like the character of Schiavone. Overall a 2*.

I then completed my third short story collection for the month – The Innocence of Father Brown, by GK Chesterton. I’ve watched and enjoyed some of the tv series that are based on these stories. Unfortunately the books are nothing like the tv version. There were more stories I didn’t enjoy than ones I did! Overall a 2*.

My penultimate book for the month was Sister, by Kjell Ola Dahl, which I read for my book group. I didn’t particularly get on with this book either! I didn’t particularly like the characters and there were just too many plot strands that didn’t seem to go anywhere. Overall another 2*.

My final book this month was Your Life in my Hands, by Rachel Clarke. I was expecting a collection of patient anecdotes, as I have read in other medical memoirs, but unfortunately it was mostly the tale of the junior doctors protests against Jeremy Hunt’s policies a few years ago. Not really my thing. A final disappointing 3*.

So, as it’s mostly been a 2-3* month for me, it will surprise no-one that my book of the month was:


Books I have bought/won:

I may have gone slightly mad at the second hand bookstore. And won a few books….

Sister, by Kjell Ola Dahl – Bought and read for book group.

Flesh and Blood, by Caroline Mitchell – From the author. A competition win.

Magical Mystery Paws, by Mandy Morton – From the publisher. Another competition win!

Rules for Perfect Murders, by Peter Swanson – This and the rest were second hand from Barter Books.

The Darkest Evening, by Ann Cleeves

A Cold Death in Amsterdam, by Anja de Jager

Calamity in Kent, by John Rowland

The Secret of High Eldersham, by Miles Burton

The Sussex Downs Murder, by John Bude

Merrivale Holds the Key, by Carter Dickinson

Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “April 2021 Roundup

  1. I will try The Missing Hours, thanks for the pointer.

    I’m amazed you kept going with those you didn’t like, I’m guilty of having a pile of half-finished books that really didn’t do it for me.

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